It’s National Farmers Market Week

What better time than National Farmers Market Week to visit your local farmers market and enjoy all the amazing produce and baked goods from your local farms and food artisans. Farmers markets have grown increasingly popular over the years because of a desire to have a more farm to table diet lifestyle.

My humble beginnings started at our local farmers market. I had always dreamed of taking some of my treasured family recipes and creating a small business. So with 50 bags of my grandmother and aunt’s cheese straw recipe, our truck loaded with a tent, table and tablecloth, we began our new venture. That was nine years ago. And although our little bucket list became something more than we could possibly have imagined, we still continue to be vendors at our local farmers markets. It’s both an honor and privilege to be around such wonderful folks. Their passion and love for what they do is evident in the products they bring to market every weekend. Many of these vendors spend long days during the week preparing for market.

Farmers markets are great for the entire family to enjoy and most markets are dog friendly so you can bring your pet. As you stroll along the street listening to a local musician, customers are able to sample jams, dips, honey and freshly baked artisan breads or pies. Vendors offer a wide variety of homegrown vegetables to choose from. Many customers frequent these markets every week thus establishing a long lasting relationship with vendors that has existed over the years.

So instead of sleeping in this Saturday morning, grab a basket and enjoy being a part of your local farmers market.

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